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A clear Statement of the Offer, a Value Prop, a complimentary background image, the ultimate Value of my Value Prop (huh?) and 3 Benefits with matching icons. 

No Problem

You give it your best shot, go live and . . .

No Conversions!

You show it to friends & family, they love it. 

(Beware this type of feedback)

You show it to your Mastermind group and ask them . . . 

Why isn't this page converting?

They don't know. 

Why Me?

Why should you trust me to analyze your landing page?

Getting a landing page fixed is actually a multidisciplinary task involving:

design, copywriting, branding, and general business savvy.

I've been doing those things for decades in the corporate world, small business and as a solopreneur.

Frequently, the issues with a landing page aren't the page itself—it's the


If your Ads are not in sync with the landing page or targeting the wrong type of traffic, the conversions on the page are going to suffer.

I work with startups that are still refining their business model and also with mature businesses that are struggling to clearly communicate their

Unique Selling Proposition.

What Others are Saying

One of the most common features of a landing page is testimonials. The purpose is obvious—to provide credibility to your audience. Here are a few comments from my fiverr gigs.

Very insightful and helpful, can't wait to put the detailed info into practice"

     ~ Nimblenerds

How to Fix a Flawed Landing Page

Follow the Rules

#1 Make the Landing Page a Separate Page from your Home Page

This rule is easy. Create a highly focused page. 

#2 Make Your Product or Service Unique

This rule isn't quite as easy, you may need to do a little soul searching to discover how you are unique and better than the competition.

#3 Make the Purpose of the Page Instantly Clear

Visitors are coming to your page from a link in social media, paid Ads, or blogs. 

The links suggest you have a solution to a problem. Make sure your page talks about the problem and your solution quickly. 

Don't make the visitor scroll down 3 pages to talk about the problem and solution. They don't have that much patience. 

You may be thinking: 

Why not just use a template?

I love templates.

Below is a great example from Unbounce.

Why Not Just Use a Template?

Successful Landing Pages Follow Certain Rules


Do NOT use your home page as a landing page. 


Make your product or service UNIQUE not generic. 


Make the PURPOSE of your page instantly clear. 


I honestly wasn't expecting the amount of good advice.  Most of the changes were easy to implement. 


His 20-point analysis of my page gave me extremely detailed and clear information . . . his suggestions are spot-on. 

     ~ jnnfrwnzl

Great insight into the psychology of my landing page. like a tutorial on landing page design.

     ~ taviss

Amazing value! Wow. A lot of great suggestions that I will be implementing on my website. One of the few actual knowledgeable professionals I have found on Fiverr. 

     ~ giveadime


Work Samples

If you're a Fiverr user, I have a gig where I provide a detailed analysis of your landing page, telling you exactly how to increase your conversions.

Need a Detailed Analysis of Your Page?

If you prefer to work with me directly, just send me an email.


Need Help Creating or Fixing Your Landing Page

If you're a Fiverr user, I have a gig where I can work on your existing page or create one from scratch.  

If you prefer to work with me directly, just send me an email.


More Rules

Increase Your Conversions
Lower Your Acquisition Cost
Improve Your Bottom Line

Learn How to

Increase Your Conversions

Lower Your Acquisition Costs

Improve Your Bottom Line

Need Help with Your Landing Page?

Showing You How to Improve Your Page. 

Modifying an Existing Page for You. Or . . .

Creating an Entirely New Page for You

Or - Let Me Do It For You

Or - Let Me Do It For You

ContactTips and Tricks

Working in Unbounce

Unbounce is a terrific platform that is specifically designed to make landing page creation easy.

While it has a great deal of flexibility, simplification sometimes creates limitations. 

Follow the link to learn about some of my favorite tips and tricks to overcome some of those limitations.  

Special Offer on New Unbounce Accounts