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Need a Landing Page?

The purpose of a landing page is to convince the visitor to take action. It's not a home page with a menu and links to a dozen subpages. 

When a visitor has too many choices they take no action at all. 

 If you want a landing page that engages the visitor and compels them to take action and convert, let me help. 

All pages are created with Unbounce, including this page. 

I subject every page to my exclusive 10-Point Checklist to ensure it's optimized for for conversions.


This is an example of a page for a restaurant that has an opt-in form to win free catering. 

Managed Services

This is an example of a managed services company provides turn-key hardware and software support.


This is an example of marketing agency that focus on legal clients. 

Ed really has provided the best experience I have ever had on Fiverr. In 10 days, he built me a complex 2-stage landing page that, after its first 179 visitors, has converted 21 new leads for me. That is an 11.73% conversion rate. The average for my industry is 3.3%!  


Really great to work with a professional. Nice to find this quality on Fiverr. Will use again. We had intelligent discussions, he had great insights. 


A very clear closing argument statement of your offer.

Create Your Landing Page

Your CTA should complete the sentence “I Want To”.

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Work Samples

link to more than one gig - link to persona contact

Work Samples

More about my philosophy, 25 poitn system. 


This is an example of a sales page and the CTA connects to a shopping cart
Lightbox Button


This is an example of of a law form specializing in personal injury 

You can define your layout or I'll choose one.

Don't have an Unbounce account? I can host for you.

A custom favicon to create a professional look.

Open graph tags to control the appearance of your FB posts. 

Count-up or count-down timers to a calendar date. 

Forms with radio buttons or dropdown menus.

Image carousels or sliders, automatical or on-click.

Help craft your unique selling position.

Write email, FB Ad copy, or Google Ads copy

A detailed 25 point analysis of your current landing page.


Features, Benefits & More*

* Some items are included in the package price and some are offered at an additional cost.




This is an example of of a law form specializing in personal injury 

When You Need a Page That Converts


This is an example of a Medicare Agent hosting an educational event.

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This is an example of the launch of a app to connect musicians. 
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