My Rules are a Carefully Curated List of Best Practices Used on High Performing Pages


Do not use your home page as a landing page.

Home pages are where a visitor can go to learn any and everything about your business. They are not specifically designed to convert the visitor. 

A landing page has one purpose - to get a conversion. That might be a phone call, registration for a webinar or seminar, opting into your list or in some cases making a purchase. 

Make your product or service unique - not generic.

If you're making the same claims, offering the same benefits and features as the competition - you're not going to stand out. 

Give the visitor a reason to choose you above all the others. 

Make the purpose of your page instantly clear.

Visitors don't have much patience. When they land on your page, the purpose needs to be instantly clear. 

Don't expect them to scroll down to figure it out. Anything essential needs to be "above the fold" (visible without scrolling).

Are Their Just 4 Rules?

There are actually 25 rules that I've spent years curating.

They are all carefully documented in my guide. 


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What are the So-Called Landing Page Rules?

And Where Can I Find Them

Make the copy easy to read. 

At the early stages of engagment, readers want to scan the copy.

Keep sentences and paragraphs short. 

Bold keywords or use a different color.

Use bullet lists.